Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Revision is literally taking over my life, so Kend took me out to get my nails done, the absolute babe.  These photos were from the other day, when I borrowed/stole Dad's Ralph, without parental consent ooooops, and went to go chill with friends. My galaxy trousers are one of my favourite items, that I got for something like £10 in Toppers a few years ago. And I had some weird croissant hairdo going on which I haven't been able to remaster since goddammit. I'm currently sat here, draped with blankets and pyjamas sat outside doing the dreaded 'R' word, whilst catching up on last nights Made in Chelsea, and waiting ever so impatiently for the Courier to deliver my ASOS parcel. That was a random act of madness, when I was up late the other night, and somehow my finger managed to get the mouse to click 'Add to Basket,' and consequently the words 'Pay Now' which I thought I had dreamt, was in fact reality and I am now a few pennies down. Perhaps I should go to bed earlier. I might ride my bike down to the cinema later with friends, and catch one of the new films out, but for now it's back to it- and hurry up Courier!!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Life's been pretty chilling lately, I've spent the first few days of my Easter holiday messing around with my besties, going on long bike rides, going out for dinner, sleepovers and a lot of laughing. The weather's been amazing too at the minute, allowing my legs to make their first public appearance of the year in shorts- rather rogue in April, I must admit. I'm under this false illusion at the moment, that it's almost summer, but there's the constant torture in my mind to get revising. I've spent the last few days in Oxford with Mom, looking around, and getting some genuine motivation to work- hence I write this on my revision break, whilst having a breather from 'The Power Struggle of the USSR'. I'm trying to bomb through it, with series one to six Dr Who episodes on in the background. So far so good. Evenings are now my chill time away from revision, where I can dance on the roof in my pug socks (as demonstrated so recklessly above) and so this evening I'm partying with friends. I've also got the drive of motivation from my phone that keeps giving me the countdown to Latitude festival (91 DAYS YAY) so everytime I begin to melt into a state of pain and depression from work, I hear a ding on my phone, and I'm happy again. The countdown to summer is well and truly onnnnnn

Monday, 31 March 2014


Seriously this week has been soooo cool. It started off with numerous ballet shows, where my dance school put on a performance of Sleeping Beauty, and I got to wear pink UV pointe shoes- beyond awesome. And then on the last night of the show (which also happened to be my birthday) I walked into the dressing room in the theatre, to be surprised by all my friends with a cake and presents! I received some new clothes, which I'm wearing in the pictures, along with my favourite new socks from my bestie Joe- flamingo socks, just oh. Mom also took me on a surprise visit which ended up at PC World, with me looking a tad confused. But she surprised me with a Kindle, which I literally adore and have not put down since. American Psycho is my current read. I had a lovely lunch with my family, and then I later went and partied hard with my friends on a trampoline until 2 in the morning. And so yesterday I ventured out to meet my friends for a birthday dinner in the highest possible shoes I own, allowing me to actually be at a height where my legs touch the floor when I sit down. This evening has been spent rehearsing for a show I am in this week, so I'm catching up on all of my work (she says, watching Gossip Girl and eating heaps of Cereal) Overall, a marvellous week

Monday, 17 March 2014


Holllllla. So these were some pictures from yesterday, when I went to go revise in a field with my friend, in the beaut evening sun. Pretty productive actually- might do my work in fields more often (as long as they don't stink of horse shizzle). Yesterday was actually the first day of the year my legs properly made a public appearance, without me being shunned for looking foolish. I whipped out a really old tea towel-esque skirt that I bought from Urban Outfitters when I was about eleven, just so I could say I owned something from there. My bag/rucksack type thing is actually from a company called Fjallraven Kanken - who I have absolutely 0 idea how you pronounce- and despite it being Swedish, I actually got it from the Lake District. Exotic. And my shoes are a purchase from Copenhagen, when I went there a few years back now. I had this obsession when I was around 13 of wanting to be Danish, because the fashion and the blogging out there is just so darn cool. Albeit the only thing I can say is 'Tak' in Danish, as I saw it written on a bin in McDonalds, but hey ho. And finally, I'm sporting my new Parisian spectacles that are literally my favourite thing at the moment. I just happened to walk past this shop in Paris, and the rest is history. Impulse shopping is my sin. I need to show my new shoes too, on that note of guilty- my friend's cousin designs for ASOS, so she got me a pair, and they little are like a piece of Harajuku artwork on my feet. Gwen Stefani would approve. 

Saturday, 8 March 2014



So this was the second day on my voyage to Paris. And it was literally the best day ever. If you have not seen Moschino's new range of handbags that feature the McDonalds sign on the front, then you seriously need to check them out; because whilst casually meandering through the streets of Paris, I went into this seriously cool store, a somewhat shrine to fashiony things and my ideal heaven, and there stood Jeremy Scott (designer of said cool bags). His smooth American accent made me scream (internally of course, otherwise security would of probs thrown me out lol). I walked up the stairs, and waited patiently as the Peroni and Belvedere Vodka was being distributed freely like leaflets. I literally couldn't stop checking out his outfit, but you just know that any dude who wears classic Ray Ban Wayfarers indoors is a cool dude (on a side note, he did have grillz that he wore on a necklace which was pretty damn awesome) and to my delight as I asked him for a picture, he laughed "Sure" in literally in the most enthusiastic voice ever. I liked Jeremy Scott a lot- he seemed like he had a lot of time to have pictures with fans. I uttered "I love what you're wearing" rather quickly, that he probably didn't hear it, and left him to mingle with the other members surrounding him. And so to calm myself down, I went and bought myself tie dye coloured House of Holland nails, and met the creator of Hello Kitty downstairs, whilst eating cake and drinking from pink water bottles. One does not jest.